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Interior of Pharmacy

Your Trusted Source for Quality Pharma Distribution

Aurium is a leading provider of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, cosmetic goods, and health supplements that supports wellness and prevention. The maintenance of healthy bodies and minds is important to us and we are committed to providing products that are the most efficacious and reliable.


We do extensive research to provide products that are designed to focus on specific health concerns and suit any lifestyle’s needs. Our entire product lines have been through extensive screening with most containing intellectual property protection and all are supported by independent clinical evidence of efficacy.


The products, which are typically recommended by pharmacists or health practitioners, are available in major pharmacies and thousands of retailers across Canada. All our products meet Canada’s Health, Food and Drug Regulations.

Our Mission

Aurium is a trusted partner, sharing a vision of success in delivering differentiated healthcare products to the Canadian consumer. We aim to embody this vision in every aspect of our business, from the premium services we offer to the strategic alliances we forge.

Our Values

Our commitment to our partners goes beyond standard business practices. We adapt to the unique needs of our partners, ensuring our strategies align with their goals. Our success is intertwined with that of our partners - we grow together. Above all, we value trust and transparency, establishing strong relationships with our partners through open communication and reliable service.

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