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Lactose Intolerance Treatment and Therapy

Lacteeze products are essential in preventing the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Many individuals are either born with, or eventually develop an inability to digest the complex sugars in dairy products. This prevents children and adults from properly digesting dairy products leading to a variety of painful and uncomfortable lactose induced symptoms.

Aurium is proud to offer the complete range of Lacteeze products, containing the lactase enzyme, which will enable adults and children to prevent and avoid the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Use of these lactose intolerance treatments will allow you to enjoy milk, ice cream, cheese and other dairy products without the worry of bloating, gas and diarrhoea. Lacteeze products offer rapid relief from intolerance to lactose; new Lacteeze Ultra easy-to-swallow chewable caplets work twice as fast to help prevent and eradicate symptoms, as part of a lactose intolerance therapy regimen.

Lacteeze for Children (ages 2-12) effectively prevents and relieves lactose intolerance in children, providing the lactase enzyme in a strawberry flavoured chewable tablet. It is essential to have a lactose intolerance treatment on hand in both adult and children's dosages, and you can find both here at Aurium. We also carry Lacteeze Drops for Milk, which also contains the lactase enzyme, and can be added to conventional milk.

Look to Aurium to supply the Lacteeze products you need to help with intolerance to lactose.