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Pedi Fresh® Spray (100ml)

Foot odour (bromhidrosis) is a common occurring problem.  At times it can be quite annoying and embarrassing.  The main cause of foot odour is the interaction of perspiration -- a foot can produce cup of sweat a day -- with certain bacteria, fungi and dead skin cells.  

Pedifresh® with patented Aseptix® antimicrobial technology:

  • …is formulated to provide long-lasting foot odour protection and dryness in a pleasant refreshing scent
  • …uses unique Aseptix® oxygen molecule technology to instantly kill odour causing bacteria
  • …contains a special blend of Aloe vera, Allantoin and Provitamin B5 for enhanced skin hydration and conditioning

Directions for Use: Apply spray or gel to feet directly. Use daily for optimal results.